5 Days Per Week

This program combines the Senior Preschool afternoon program and the Adventure Day programs and is perfect for those older preschoolers who are getting ready to start school and would enjoy a 5-day a week school experience. Each week, your 3-4 year old will get the advantages of being in a Senior Preschool class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday where he/she will have the opportunity to try out new skills such as cutting, painting and counting and socializing with peers, as well as playing co-operatively with other children in small groups, share her/his toys and develop friendships. Then on Tuesday and Thursday, he/she will experience Adventure Days - a 13 week themed program. See the Adventure Day page for more information.

Age range: 3-4 years (must turn 3 by December 1st)
Class size: 16
Teacher/student ratio: 1:8
Please contact our Registrar to register.

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